Marzi Law Firm

Seat in Rome - Via G. Ferrari, 35
Tel. 06-37517621, Fax 06-37514980, e-mail

The firm offers a legal service to all members of “Erasmus in Campus” at the price of 30 euros , with the first extrajudicial letter if the lawyer of the firm thinks it is necessary. There is a further 20% reduction on the price of the minimum legal rates, as established by the “D.M”. 8.04.2004 in case of activity after the first extrajudicial letter. Legal advise is important to solve many problems, such as:

Accommodation: flat rent, dialogue with the landlord, problems relative to a condominium flat situation, contracts, contract registration, rent rate, down payment and bills.

Transport: flights delays, cancellations, luggage loss, overbooking, trains delays, accidents, vehicles damages, physical damages to pedestrians, transports, drivers, speed trap, penalties for speeding, parking tickets and every type of contestation of presumed violation of the highway code and reduction of the driver’s license points.

Telephone: debit on fraudulent charges on the phone bill, disconnection or malfunctioning of the ADSL, high cost of the bill.

Bank: Fraudulent debits on current accounts, bank interests, exorbitant account closing expenses, illegal debits on visa electronic cards, credit cards.

Health: medical treatment, first aid, tourism medicine and emergency medical service.

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