Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be informed about the activities of Erasmus in Campus?
- Asking to join the Facebook group of the Association: Erasmus in Campus Roma 2012-2013.
- You can also make the Log-in to our website and get the access to all the information.

Where and when can I get my Erasmus in Campus Card?
- You can come to our office or to one of our Meeting Points indicated in the section "How to Reach Us" of our website. You will need to bring 2 photographs for documents.

What is it the Erasmus in Campus Card?
- The card is valid for 1 academic year and you need of it to become a member and participate in all the activities of the Association.
You can also take advantage of numerous discounts with affiliated partners.

What documents do I need once arrived in Rome?
- The most important document you need to do when you arrive is the tax code. If you are a non-EU student you will need to apply for a residence permit (you can take the forms at the Italian Post Offices).
After receiving the Tax Code you can check-in at the University. For more information, please download the PDF in the "Erasmus Guide" section of our website.

What is it the Codice Fiscale?
- The Codice Fiscale is useful To sign a contract, to work, to open a bank account and many other things. For more information, download our Erasmus Guide.

Where can I get the Codice Fiscale and what should I bring?
- The tax code is issued by the Ufficio delle Entrate. You can find the complete list of Ufficio delle Entrate Departments in our Erasmus Guide.
You will need to bring a photocopy of your valid ID and indicate your address in Rome.

How can I find a room in Rome?
- There are several websites that can help you in searching your room or home in Rome (www.easystanza.it, www.bakeka.it, www.immobiliare.it, www.case.it).
Obviously there are also journals such as "Porta Portese" that you can buy at any newsstand.
Erasmus in Campus can help you in searching your room thanks to an agreement with the residences of Tor Vergata - CampusX - and with Real Estate Agencies which do not apply commission to Erasmus students.

How much does it cost the public transport system Card and where can I buy it?
- You can find all the information about on www.atac.roma.it or by downloading our Guida Erasmus.

Is it there a website for public transport in Rome?
- Yes, you can calculate your route on the site www.atac.roma.it

If I have urgent health problems what should I do?
- You can call 118 and ask for help. An ambulance will come and pick you up where you are.

I lost my documents what should I do?
- You have to go to the nearest police station and ask for a complaint of loss.

I'm looking for a Taxi in Rome. Who do I call?
- You can go to the taxi service website in Rome.

Can Italian students be members of Erasmus in Campus?
- Yes, Italians can contribute to the organization and get the membership Card.

I just got back from the Erasmus. Are there other Programmes abroad?
- Ask the International Office of your university.
There are many projects of the European Union to do internships abroad as an Erasmus Placement or Leonardo Da Vinci. www.programmallp.it

Where can I find Turistic information of Rome?
- You can visit the website www.turismoroma.it

Where is the Embassy/Consulate of my country?
Consult the complete list of Embassies in Rome.

Erasmus in Campus is a Recognized Association.
Yes. Erasmus in Campus is the Official Associatino of different universities and institutes in Rome.
The Association has also received the patronage of the National Agency LLP Italy.

Where can I find information about Adisu?
- Visit the official site www.laziodisu.it

Are there services and information for students with disabilities?
- www.handyturismo.it is the site for accessible tourism in Rome.

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