Your Association

Erasmus in Campus is a non-party, non-denominational and non-profit association. The Association works in Partnership together with many public and private Universities in Rome.
Under the patronage of the LLP Agency, Italia.

Erasmus in Campus works to represent and support Erasmus students in practical ways to enhance the quality of their overall student experience. The Association works in partnership with the Universities, the local community and other organizations to achieve this.

Erasmus in Campus is an innovative Association, enabling all students to participate fully in the academic and social life. We are a sustainable association which gives priority to our members’ needs. We are led by a continuous improvement, professionalism, innovation and quality. We strive to ensure that the association has a secure and sustainable future with a clear statement of purpose and long-term vision.


Integration: Our team works in order to facilitate the integration of Erasmus students in the university and city environment, making their stay much more exciting and special.

Cultural Exchange: We are committed to encouraging both moments of growth and cultural exchange.

Equality: We are committed to providing equal opportunities for all our members, to ensure that any activity or service provided by the Association is open to all.

Democracy: We look to our students and staff to input on our decisions and to share our vision and purpose.

Partnership: We strongly believe in Networking. We are committed to establishing and maintaining strong and effective working relationships with the Universities and other external partners who may benefit our members.

Focussing on quality: Quality will remain a focus of all our work and something by which we will measure ourselves across the board.

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Welcome back to! We hope you’re suitably rested and ready for the exciting events and campaigns we’ve got lined up for you this term. We’re still beavering away behind the scenes to get the site finished for you—so watch this space.