Il Margutta (Vegetarian)

The Margutta RistorArte, is the historic vegetarian restaurant internationally regarded as the benchmark for gourmet vegetarian cuisine, where light cuisine and imaginative, sophisticated flavors and taste, respect for nature, art and music are in perfect union between them. At Margutta you can taste many dishes, rich, colorful, traditional Mediterranean cuisine.
* THE RESTAURANT * - Located in the heart of Rome, the historic Margutta, full of tangible evidence of art, history and the sweet life ... The charm of the Roman Margutta RistorArte but he breathes entering inside the room consists of two salt divided, but communicating with each other, can accommodate more than 160 people, and where the warm colors blend with the visual excitement given by the works of art on display, as the Margutta is also one of the galleries of the most active in the city, where they expose established and emerging artists.
At lunch the Margutta * Green Brunch * from Monday to Friday with the formula * Light *, * Sweet * and * Happy *, every day from 12.30 to 15.30, where we offer a buffet of over fifty recipes prepared with organic products and cooked with special ovens that maintain the nutritional value, low-calorie dishes for those who perform a sedentary lifestyle, and protein for those who play sports. * Sunday Brunch * for * Saturday and Festivity Brunch * for Sundays and holidays, with live music.

* EVENTS * - There are many events that are organized at the Margutta RistorArte, which lends itself very well for private parties, business dinners, where we are able to offer services such as graphic design of invitations, live music and more. space and ... well we can customize any event for groups and individual guests.

* To describe the Margutta and its activities should write a book but do not have enough space .... suggest you come to discover the rest directly to Margutta! Follow our events on our website

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